Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coron, Palawan - Day 1

HOLA as I mentioned in my previous post Booked!, I am off to Coron on Aug and YES, last weekend, my boyfriend and I packed our bags to a 3d/2n getaway to Coron, Palawan.

I originally want this to be a budget-friendly travel blog post but the boyfriend has been so generous he wanted our trip to be EASY and totally RELAXING so he booked us to a nice hotel and also availed our tours there. But I think I was able to figure out a really cheap way of vacationing there in my short stay that I wish to share with you at the end of this SERIES of posts on my Coron Adventure. Here's Day 1, enjoy :D

flew there via Air Philippines..of course :P

We stayed at Coron Hilltop View Resort Hotel

mmm..breakfast. Best tasting danggit I must say. Not too salty like the ones you can buy in Manila

The Tour....

1. Souvenir Shop

Spent almost a thousand peso for 15 keychains, 3 shirts, 1 bracelet, 2 cellphone charms and 1 fridge magnet

2. Mt. Tapyas

700+ steps to the top!!!

YAHA!! 100th step 600 more to go...phew!

view from the top..well not really, we kind of stopped in the 600 mark because the view's just the same. The mountains on the left looks like a sleeping giant actually, too bad I didn't get a clear picture of it :(

3. Makinit Hot Spring

HOT spring. Took me almost 30mins before I was able to get in the water. It is best to go here during the night or when there's little rain =^.-=. There's an entrance fee of 100php, I think.

Next post, Day 2...


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