Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coron Day 2

Day 2 consist of swimming, snorkeling, more swimming and more snorkeling. Underwater camera is a MUST. The coral reefs are just out of this world :D We didn't have waterproof cam so we don't have pictures of the best parts of this tour :( Heniwei... here are SOME pictures. Enjoy =^.-=

Siete Pecados

Folk Tale: there are 7 sisters who were brats that secretly crossed the sea to party on the island across. The boat their riding sunk drowning all 7 sisters then the next morning 7 islets appeared which was believed to be the 7 sisters and since then called Siete Pecados. Pecado is sin in spanish...i think ;)

View from hike to Cayangan Lake :P

I don't know if there's a proper name to this place but anyway, it's the spot where those pictures you see when you google "Coron" were taken... hehe:P

Cayangan Lake

Paradise. Definitely my favorite part of the trip. The best place I've been to in my life. When this scene came to my view after a long and tiring hike it was like a glimpse of heaven :) Truly God's gift to humankind :) Protected by the natives so this place is really preserved and well taken care of :) so when our guide told us there are MORE lakes there which is not yet open to the public and that those are much more beautiful than Cayangan, I could just imagine myself crying if ever I'd be given a chance to be there or even just have a peek of those places.

Twin Lagoons
Now this is where the waterproof cam would have come in handy. You have to swim your way thru a small opening to be in the actual lagoon. The water may appear to be kind of oily but its really just because the water is brackish -- salt water meets fresh water -- thus making it warm above and cold below (because its salt water is dominant, if its more fresh water the temp would be the other way around just like Cayangan Lake :D)

Skeleton Wreck

My other favorite part of the trip, fish feeding....upclose! ^_^ Like schools upon schools of fish around me trying to grab a bite from the bread on my cool is that :D Again, I really wish we had an underwater cam with us. I've never seen such beautiful corals in my life. Corals of NEON purple, blue, yellow and orange :) I was able to barely see the Japanese WWII ship wreck...then I wished I do scuba diving too :P

We also did some snorkeling on Smith's Point. It was like a larger version of the reefs in Skeleton Wreck. The corals there are humongous! There were also like hundreds of sea urchins know the really spiky ones, freaked me out a little plus the waves got stronger so I kind of panicked thus cutting the enjoyment short, hehe:P

Oh we also had our lunch at Banol Beach and this picture expresses my whole feelings towards this trip :D


"And God saw every thing that HE had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day- Genesis 1:31"

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