Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coron Hilltop View Resort

YAHA! for my first hotel review =) OK, sorry I know it's been like what? a month now since my Coron getaway and I am still posting about it but, what the heck this might be informative to some so here we go =)

As mentioned in my previous post, boyfie and I stayed at Coron Hilltop View Resort when we went to Coron. Actually, I don't know how to proceed with this since I'm really not into hotels like if I'd be spending my own money for a trip...heck I would stay in some cheap-o inns definitely as long as it's secured of course. So...I'll just show you some pictures and give you my general take on the my usual lame reviews, haha!

*picture from google images

view from our room


Generally CHVR is one of, if not the priciest hotel in Coron so this review will be by standard of hotels with the same rate.

  • 5 stars for beauty and cleanliness
  • Excellent staff
  • Private and relaxed. Perfect for couples
  • Pick-up and tour is OK.
  • Food is kind of bad...or so so.Except for the pasta and the..what was that??....chocomuco something. Anyway it's just a chocolate shake, but it's heavenly ^_^
  • small pool. but that's ok since we went there for the beaches and lakes and lagoons, right=)
  • No wifi. I know, we went there to escape technology and have us some nature but the website says they have one! =( but they were kind enough to lend us their WeRoam =^.^=
  • Security...hmm..they have a guard alright. They also have a safety deposit box as indicated in the website however it is not per room. The small deposit box is in the lobby. How small?? hmm, our 12" laptop fit in it perfectly. Who needs security anyways?? Coron has 0 crime rate. The province is small that everybody knows everybody. And lastly....
  • It's pretty darn far from the town proper. Like, 15min tricycle ride. Actually we kind of expected it to be along sea shore. I don't know, maybe the website kind of gave us that feel..or it has something to do with the word 'resort'. tee-hee =P

Going to Coron will be more enjoyable if you bring the whole gang with you. Stay in cheaper hotels like Sea Dive Resort which is located within the town proper area. Then go to the port by yourself create your own tour and of course, don't forget to haggle ;)


Just showing you a pic of the Chicken Inasal I cooked for my family last weekend using Dowell Electric Griller. Email me at if you want the recipe=)


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