Saturday, September 4, 2010

Makeup Brushes

Bought these at SM Dept Store a couple of months ago and I just thought it's worth mentioning here since I'm seeing a lot of Brush Sets like this on online shops that's manufactured in China. I even considered buying one but those costs around 2k ($45) at most. Way cheaper than high end ones or even the drugstore brands but still, there is no way I am spending 2k on makeup brushes since I barely wear makeup. So how much is it??? (drum roll) 800php ($16) it's even marked down to 50% when I got it. That's mere 400php ($9)!!!!!

so its a 21pc set which I'm not gonna use all, obviously. It come's with a roll case like this. Other color is silver.
I won't go thru all of the brushes since I have no idea how to work with them..specially the fan looking one. I have no idea what's that for :P So i'll just show you my favorites and my least favorites. Let's start with the 'favorites' =)

This is a thin angled brush that I use for applying gel liner since I've been wearing winged eyeliner lately.

Concealer brush. Use this all the time too for applying concealer in my eye area. Excellent quality:)

And here's my least favorite. The Contour Brush. Too flat and small.

In general, all eye brushes are passable and all face brushes receives a failing mark. They're flat and sheds like crazy.


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