Thursday, April 22, 2010

red light means STOP!

I was running late this morning and was driving really fast then beat the red light. I'll admit that its something I'm quite used doing in the morning on my way to work but only this morning I had a firsthand experience why we SHOULD obey traffic rules. This UGLY scratches and dent was caused by a..err..semi-collision (was able to hit the breaks just in time and was able to avoid more serious damages) with a jeepney coming from a U-turn slot. Praise God, I came out perfectly fine, unscratched and the jeepney driver and the traffic enforcer let me off the hook. Too bad I have to make some serious adjustment with my budget to get this fixed:( I seriously need to stay away from the malls and ebay. Serves me right! Please please don't be like me! always obey traffic rules! Drive carefully everyone!


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