Saturday, April 17, 2010

Latest Pig Out: Ma Mon Luk

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This is an OLD "mamihan" at Quezon City. Founded after the WWII and the owner was actually the one who introduced "mami" to the Philippines:) "Ma"-his surname, "Mi"-noodles in chinese (citation needed :)). It was famous during the 20's till the rise of fast food during the 80's. So little by little people have forgotten until it was featured on Rated K's 'Noon at Ngayon' episode last Sunday :)

I hate Mami but I realized that its been a while since I ate siopao so I decided to pay Ma Mon Luk a visit this afternoon along with my Papa and Carl - my younger brother. The place is really accessible. It's along Quezon Avenue and near Banawe St., both are known places here in Metro Manila:) Problem starts when you actually get there. There are only FEW parking slots available. Coming in the restaurant was like a timewarp experience. Everything was very well preserved.Chairs, tables, ceiling fan, decors, etc which i very much like :) although there's this very unpleasant smell, my brother describes it like a smell of a wet dog. This may bother you if you're very sensitive with odors but as for me, I think its quite tolerable :)...unless I am just too hungry that time to care, haha:P

Inside Ma Mon Luk

Notice the small iron that holds each piece instead of being welded together??pretty:)

Honestly the food was just OK. I didn't enjoy the siopao that much as Papa and Carl didn't enjoy their mami as well. The siopao sauce is salty so you may not like it that much if you're looking for the usual sweet siopao sauce :)

special mami

regular siopao asado

More than the food, dining at Ma Mon Luk is an experience :) I highly recommend that you bring along your dad or your grand parents. The food and the ambiance would get them telling you stories of old manila :)


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