Thursday, April 22, 2010

l'oreal power dose

As part of my haircare routine, I make sure I have hair treatment at the salon once a month. Hot oil or hair spa. Honestly none of those really does the job. I just do it for the sake of doing it. But last Sunday the stylist suggested I try their L'oreal Power Dose treatment. I was hesitant at first because its quite pricey (900php -- for 2vials) for something that will work until I wash my hair the next day but after giving it some thought (plus extra push from the stylist) I decided to give it a 'go'. I love L'oreal hair products anyway:)

Only after 4 days, after washing my hair and all was I only floored by this product:) Not only is my hair soft and smooth, its also shiny and the color from my cellophane treatment 2 months ago stood out. But the best part is, it made my regrowth less frizzy and waaay 'calmer' than it usually is:)

gorgeous hair


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