Monday, August 2, 2010


So am I or am I not the only person here who watched this just recently?? :D Mine's so recent I just saw this yesterday...LAST FULL SHOW haha!! But that's fine, since everybody has seen this already there's no need for me to go in details and go straight the IMO instead, hehe ;)

Brilliant film. I'm a sucker for films that f*cks my mind :) No surprise there, it's a Christopher Nolan film after all. I'm not a Leo de Caprio fan but I got to say, he was amazing. Ellen Page was lifeless as usual and that Arthur guy...didn't he star on those dorky films from years back?? whatever, he's so in the right track right now, better keep it up :) At first, I never really thought I'd like it because I thought it's gonna be MATRIX, but after watching the verdict was Inception, for me, is more powerful. Why? because we all have subconscious minds and we all dream while 'Matrix' isn't here yet. So what do you think?? how do you know this isn't just a dream?? ;)

And earlier yesterday, I also watched the Juan Manuel Marquez and Juan Diaz's rematch. Err...nothing exciting there :P JMM is definitely one of my fave boxers because he's really intelligent and technical but yesterday, there wasn't much BOOM from El Dinamita, I guess age and drinking his own peepee has caught up on him, hehe :P


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