Saturday, August 14, 2010

Latest Pigout: Sol Gelato

Isn't ICE CREAM your all time favorite comfort food?? It is definitely mine ^_^ specially the chocolate flavored ones, YUM YUM (o'.'o). My Latest Pigout post today is not just an ice cream but better. Its Sol Gelato :D Let me first tell you a little about 'gelatos'. They certainly look like ice cream and taste like it too only creamier and richer but the best part is it has lower butterfat content. Read more about gelatos here.

So going back to Sol Gelato, so how was it better or different than other gelatos there?? Honestly, I haven't tried that many but I did try the one in Greenbelt (sorry I forgot the name) so that would be our point of comparison for this review, hehe:)

Both have lot's of unique flavors. I'm not sure about this, but I think Sol Gelato has more and they have crazier flavors as well..just look at the pic below..

WTF?! too bad I was not able to try this...maybe next time

This one I did try. Our 'other' gelato has Toblerone flavor which I was also able to try. So just to compare which was able to capture the famous chocolate it was based on, hands down, it's Sol Gelato :)

Another thing I liked about SG is that, aside from their gourmet flavors they still have the regular flavors as well. These are piccolo sizes. They also have the grande (2scoops) and cone (3scoops).

Unfortunately, there's only one Sol Gelato currently and its at:

Ground Floor, The Piazza, Mckinley
Hills, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
+632 7980411

be their facebook fan:

Disclaimer: I was not paid in any form by Sol Gelato to do this review.


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