Sunday, April 17, 2011


Just to give you my 'acne background', my acne isn't really that many. It's like one HUGE pimple popping after another. It's been like that for months now and it's driving me CRAZY!!! If you have problamatic skin or at least someone who takes pleasure roaming around Watsons and browsing over skin products, I am pretty sure you have heard of this product. I wouldn't go over this system so you could just click here for information. I'll go straight to the point on how was my experience with it.

IT DIDN'T WORK for me :-( After a month of using this, pimples keep on showing up, just like before :-( I was really disappointed because I really wanted this to work that's why I kept on using it even though I didn't see improvements after the 1st and 2nd week. Heck, I even took a "before" picture to show you guys. So yeah, if it worked for you then that's good.

The one in the photograph is the 1 month kit which costs Php 2300 ($53)

Repurchase: No.

Tip: If you're buying your first kit, I suggest you buy from the Proactiv stalls instead at the drugstore/department store. The sales attendants are very helpful specially if you have questions. (I wouldn't know about the 'Money Back Guarantee' if I didn't get mine at the stalls)